Belgian Soliloquy

Platform 102, Brussels Belgium
Curated by gallery director Odie Rynell Cash

Exhibited: Full Independence Speech Delivered by the Prime Minister (Patrice Lumumba) of the New Nation of Congo (4 panels) , Léopold Louis-Philippe Marie Victor de Saxe-Cobourg / Sky above Bruxelles 50°51'N / 4°21'E 9 April 1835 01:30CET (6 panels), The Constellation of Aries and its Surrounding Stars, Leopoldville (Kinshasa) 12:00 WAT 30 June 1960, Boules du ciel (The Paris edition) a limited-edition offset (crushed) poster of The Goddess Constellations / Sky Above Port-au-prince Haiti 12 January 2010, 21:53 UTC

Amour Colère Folie (Love Anger Madness)

A Temporary Monument to Resistance

BIAC Biennale internationale d'art Contemporain Martinique, Fort-de-France Martinique, French West-Indies
Johanna Auguiac-Célénice

1.Biennial of Martinique  Public-art commission at Place de L'Abbé Grégoire (aka Terres Sainville)

The Goddess Project

Shrine of the Divine Negress No.1

Dada Post Gallery, Berlin (Germany)

with artist Paula Ross, Co-ordinated by Howard McCalebb

Postkarten von meinen Lieben

(Postcards from my Loves)

Public Art billboard installation commission, Munich

(Germany) Selected by the Baureferat (Building Department) Muenchen and QUIVID (The public-art program of Munich)

The Passion


Stadtmuseum-München (Museum of the City of Munich) Munich (Germany) in conjunction with the official cultural events of the FIFA World Soccer Cup 2006 "Ein Spiel/viele Welten"  (One Game/Many worlds) Coordinated by Patricia Müller of the  Haupstadtmünchen-Kulturreferat (Munich Municipal Council of Art),

The Passion

Das Burqa Projekt

An den Grenzen meiner Träume begegnete ich dem Geist meines Doppelgängers

Installation in the Liftarchiv of the  Kreisverwaltungsreferat-München (Munich Bureau of Immigration)

A Lobby Project-space vitrine created by Szuper Gallery (Susanne Clausen, Pawlo Kerestey), Munich (Germany) Coordinated by artist Pia Lanzinger and historian Angela Koch

The Burqa Project

Métamorphoses Sublimes

Apartman Projesi, Istanbul (Turkey)

LOCK YOUR MIND exhibition series,  Coordinated by artist Stephan Kurr (SOX36, Berlin) and writer Tunel Asmalimescit Beyoglu (Istanbul)  

The White Man Project

BRUCE – Brave New Art Foundation, Rotterdam

Artist in Residence-Project #14 Solo Exhibition Selected by Project-space directors Hester Chen and Sebastiaan Bockhorst,

White Lessons

Jn.Ulrick Désert

Kunstverein-Wolfsburg, Wolfsburg

Coordinated by Kunstverein director Dr. Justin Hoffmann and Associate curator Anne Kersten

Jn.Ulrick Désert

The BURQA Project

On The Borders Of My Dreams I Encountered My Double's Ghost

The Lower Eastside Tenement Museum and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC), New York (USA)
Selected by directors Moukhtar Kochache, Erin Donnelly, Ruth J. Abram,

POINT OF ENTRIE exhibition series commemorating  one year anniversary of 9/11  

The Burqa Project

Das Burqa Projekt

An den Grenzen meiner Träume begegnete ich dem Geist meines Doppelgängers

SOX36 Das Schaufenster, Berlin (Germany)
Coordninated by curator-artists Naomi Potter (CA), Stephan Kurr (DE)
The Burqa Project


Aktionsforum, Praterinsel-Munich (Germany)

Large-scale site-specific solo-installation in Aktionsforum Kantine/Dining-hall, in conjunction with BLONDINCHEN UND BRÄUNCHEN, WEIß WEIß BIN AUCH ICH by Curator Rafael von Uslar and Erno Vroonen, director AF