Amour Colère Folie

"Amour Colère Folie (Love Anger Madness)- A Temporary Monument to Resistance"  is a site specific commissioned Public-Art sculpture installation at Place de L'Abbé Grégoire (aka Terres Sainville) for the first edition of the Martinique Biennale of Contemporary Art BIAC in the Fall/Winter of 2013-14 in Fort-de-France Martinique, French West-Indies.
9 meter diameter x 5 meters height, Steel barricades, painted wood Anti-tank barriers, graphic placards, enameled corrugated metal

"Amour colère folie - a temporary monument to resistance" is inspired by the poet of resistance Aime Césaire in the centenary of his birth.   This public work utilizes a diverse selection of barricades used to control public space today.  Concentrically placed around the square and utilizing all recognizable elements in its details from everyday life by the average public spectator. The installation notably functions on a variety of spheres such as a work of visual poetry including placards of notable figures and the ubiquitous phrygian-cap of liberty as well as a structural support for the array of "flash-codes"(QR codes graphics) linked to the collective voices situated on the internet and engaged in articulating historical or current acts of resistance inspired by the Cesaire's exemplary efforts.

The title of the artwork is taken from the literary trilogy by the Haitian author Marie Chauvet whose provocative work of literature sent her into exile in New York until her death. Her work was  later clandestinely published in 2002 reestablishing her once censored voice against the wishes of her family who continued to fear the reprisals from her work- this act of resistance against silence and censorship has inspired this project.

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