Belgian Soliloquy

Belgian Soliloquy was developed for the Special Art-Project space PLATFORM 102 In Brussels (Belgium).  The suite of artworks includes three basic elements:

A constellation-portrait: "Léopold Louis-Philippe Marie Victor de Saxe-Cobourg / Sky above Bruxelles 50°51'N / 4°21'E 9 April 1835 01:30CET " Pencil and collage on Black Cromático translucent paper (unique), 184 cm x 192 cm over-all dims, 2015

A work on canvas: "The Constellation of Aries and its Surrounding Stars, Leopoldville (Kinshasa) 12:00 WAT 30 June 1960"  60cm x 75cm. , Kuba-cloth, acrylic-eyes, chain on stretched linen. , 2015 

A hand rendered manuscript: "Full Independence Speech  Delivered by the Prime Minister (Patrice Lumumba) of the New Nation of Congo on 30 June 1960", 2015  46 cm x 64cm each (four panels/signed and embossed) Edition of Five work on vellum paper

A final element is included in the Platform102 presentation:  The Paris edition of the Boules du ciel (sky-balls/ Himmelkugeln) a limited-edition offset (crushed) poster of The Goddess Constellations / Sky Above Port-au-prince Haiti 12 January 2010, 21:53 UTC as presented at the Grand Palais, Paris France (November 2014 – February 2015) DIN-A2 size-format, embossed and signed plus Platform102 stamp

A fuller presentation text may be found on the gallery's website

  1. The solo-presentation Belgian Soliloquy : Jean-Ulrick Désert is available for viewing and inquiries by appointment from 29 March – Mid September 2015 at Platform102 "A private curated presentation space for emerging to established contemporary artists working in conceptual and researched based practices.. O. Rynell Cash, Curator" rue Antoine Dansaert, Brussels
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  5. Original French speech-text with Dutch/Flemish translation
  6. Two artworks titled Surrender created previously around Belgium history (*additional footnotes).