Negerhosen2000 is a project spanning various forms and materials.

The artist in German Lederhosen constructed of leather resembling caucasian skin and blond hair, was initially deployed as an art-action in multiple European cities.

A photographic record/documentation was collected and assembled from the public and incorporated into artworks in the form of private and public art installations, limited edition C-Prints, beer coasters and so on. These images were redeployed in everyday venues such as city squares, bars, restaurants, cafes, beer-gardens , galleries and museums.


The audio is in conjunction with an exhibition from the Contemporary Art Museum of Houston, Grey Art Gallery, Walker Art Center and  Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

The Negerhosen2000 artworks include:

  • Negerhosen2000/ Gothik (Aktionsforum Installation, Munich)  *Negerhosen2000 / Gothik-Berg (*Savvy Contemporary, Berlin-Neukölln)

    2001, Digitally printed photography on mylar in light-boxes
    Site specific installation, Prater-Insel Munich (later modified for Kunstverein-Wolfsburg DE, Brooklyn Museum USA, Halle de la Villette Paris FR, Savvy Contemporary Berlin-Neukölln DE)

  • Negerhosen2000 / The Escape

    2001,Analogue C-Print  70cm x 100cm
    Travel diary photo while in transit
  • Negerhosen2000 / The Spectacle

    2001,Analogue C-Print  70cm x 100cm
    Daily stroll through the main thoroughfare leading to Munich's Marienplatz
  • Negerhosen2000 / Deutsche Eiche

    2001, Analogue C-Print  70cm x 100cm
    A posing moment near the deutsche Eiche (German oaks) of Hamburg
  • Negerhosen2000 / Garden Paradise

    2001,Analogue C-Print  70cm x 100cm
    A chance encounter through the Englischer Gärten (the English Gardens)


  1. 5minute audio produced  byThe Studio Museum of Harlem (NY) (2013)

    Video for a Negerhosen2000 Billboards youtube-link on this site's diary/blog

    Sütterlin on Wikipedia.
  2. Tracht as defined on Wikipedia (Traditional folks-apparel is known generically as Tracht ,pl. Trachten). Lederhosen (Leather pants) are particular to the germanic regions of Europe.
  3. Performance Art an online introduction
  4. Sepplhose is a bavarian term used for short length Lederhosen popular in post war life in germany due to its economizing of leather.