Neque mittatis margaritas vestras ante porcos

do not cast pearls before swine

"Neque mittatis margaritas vestras ante porcos" (*do not cast pearls before swine, in latin) is an installation commissioned by the Small Axe Journal project Caribbean Queer Visualities as a Andy Warhol Foundation grant and the British Council of Northern Ireland for the Gold Thread Gallery presentation (2016).

This work currently consists of five biblical text excerpts, specifically Matthew 7:6, rendered as rainbow colored party garlands in five familiar Caribbean based languages/dialects, approximately 500 pearlescent balloons and silver chains.
The texts exhibited are: a)Kreyol(Haitian)= PA JÉTÉ GRENN PÈL DEVAN KOCHON, Mat7:6, b)Papiamento=  NO TA TIRA PERLANAN DILANTI E PORKONAN, Mat7:6, c)Spanish(Carib/Dominican)= NO ECHEN PERLAS A LOS PUERCOS, Mat7:6, d) (Surinamese)Sranang Tongo = ÈN, NO TROWE PARELKRARA GI AGU, Mat7:6, e) (Jamaican) Patois/patwa= _"NO TEK UNU GUD GUD PORL DASH GI PIG. Mat7:6"