Sky Above Port Au prince Haiti 12 January 2010 21:53 UTC

The Goddess Constellations

This artwork reflects the  view of the sky above Haiti during the officially recorded time of the 2010 Earthquake. Approximately 750 stars containing embossed portraits of Josephine Baker as the Goddess
Velour-papers on foam, pins, embossed metal-foil, ±300cm x 300cm from 9 individual 100cm x 100cm panels

The Caged Bird Sings
Josephine Baker as a caged bird sings "HAYITI" & CCTV of trapped man in National Palace of Haiti during 2010 earthquake. Presented at "Black Portraiture(s)" Paris Conference, 2013
  1. The Haitian Earth quake of 2010 killed more than a quarter of a million people. Additional notes and reflections are posted in the diary/blog of this website on *several Diary/Blog posts here