Suicidal Meditations

Suicidal Meditations  is a both  a Photo-based and video-based project

  • Phase 1

    Suicidal Meditations of My Own Death, 2003
    Altered Digital Night-vision photography on Photo-paper with collected suicide-letter texts transcribed in German Sutterlin script onto handkerchiefs photos
  • Phase 2

    Meditations Rubbings, 2004
    Building Rubbings  of The Woolworth Building at New York City's 'Ground Zero'
  • Phase 3

    Suicidal Meditations, 2004
    Video-projections of three significant buildings as ruins. The Woolworth Building (New York City), The Volks-Wagon Manufacturing Building founded by the Nazis (Wolfsburg Germany) and the Palast der Republik of the Former German Democratic Republic of East Germany (Berlin). No sound.
  1. Suicidal Meditations / Woolworth Building (video-loop) 2004
  2. VENI VIDI VIDEO II Curator Christine Young Kim, The Studio Museum of Harlem, NY USA
  1. I had already experienced suicide in my New York life with such friends as Performance artist Ethyl Eichelberger and architect Jimmy Dollar III. I would experience it in Europe as well where I lost my close friend and confidante Eddie de Zoete in Utrecht the Netherlands in April of 2010. An attempt towards closure proved inspirational as well- noted in my diary-blog: Dutch excursion and Suicide"