Surrender comprises of two artworks, originally available as low edition multiples, La Main (The Hand) and Le Chapelet (The Rosary) both commissioned for a salon-styled exhibition entitled SURRENDER (referring to the Wizard of Oz) curated by Rafael von Uslar for Aeroplastics Contemporary in Brussels. A more reflective path was taken with these two artworks in which the history of the Belgian state, past and present, is incorporated into the content of the artworks.

  • Surrender / The Hand, 2001

    Mold-casted White-chocolate in velvet-lined boxes (antique boxes Belgian monarchy shown)
  • Surrender / The Rosary, 2001

    Mold-casted Licorice candy,  gold thread and wood crucifix
  1. Private Colonialism of the Belgian King Leopold II
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  4. Audio-book Lecture The Congo Atrocities lecture, read by Baroness Lola Young (1hr13min)