Paint-by-number Trophies (2009) 

The statement 'you can be whoever you want to be...Prime-Minister/President, Secretary General, even an Artist' - often goes unexamined although often said to encourage the young. 

For ten years General Secretary Kofi Annan was the figure-head of the UN –functioning as a borderless diplomat. His tenure suggests that a branded-icon is often a sign of collective consensus created by multiple means including education, awards, investitures and trophies.  

The “Trophies” series presents several points of departure for the viewer: 
a) The familiar motif known as Paint-by-number paintings. 
b) A confidence to interact with art.  
c) Imaginative intricacy is often simple when analyzed. 
d) Model diplomacy for hope and change is often rewarded.

This series continues a general artistic approach that engages accessible and familiar motifs from popular culture along with my conceptual interests. These works imply an invitation to the viewer to “fill-in” his/her choice and picture the vibrant possibilities of color. They are strange but familiar diagrams that challenge the viewer to envision completion and change with his/her imagination.


  1. KofiAnnan foundation
  2. Nobel speech from 2001. "...Today's real borders are not between nations, but between powerful and powerless, free and fettered, privileged and humiliated. Today, no walls can separate humanitarian or human rights crises in one part of the world from national security crises in another. Scientists tell us that the world of nature is so small and interdependent that a butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon rainforest can generate a violent storm on the other side of the earth. This principle is known as the "Butterfly Effect." Today, we realize, perhaps more than ever, that the world of human activity also has its own "Butterfly Effect" – for better or for worse. Ladies and Gentlemen, We have entered the third millennium through a gate of fire...."
  3. PbN explained on wikipedia. "Paint by number (or painting by numbers) describes kits having a board on which light blue or gray lines indicate areas to paint, each area having a number and a corresponding numbered paint to use."